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Thanks to Ed Pugh, CEO of Reaper Miniatures, for agreeing to allow this project to go foward.

Thanks to Ron Harwood for bringing the current ownership status of the Dwarfstar Games to my attention.

Thanks to Joe Hartley of for providing a home for this and other gaming websites.

Thanks to Howard Barasch, Arnold Hendrick, David Helber, Steve Jackson, Dennis Sustare and Lewis Pulsipher for taking the time to answer my e-mails regarding the Dwarfstar games.

Special thanks to Tom Cleaveland, for helping locate Dennis Sustare (who had evaded my years of searching), and Eric Hanuise, who stepped up to take on the task of creating the Star Smuggler files (even though I hadn't thought to ask for assistance).

Thanks to the Q&A crew who previewed the website and provided suggestions and corrections.

Thanks to the Space and Fantasy Gamer's Guide for many of the magazine references.

Thanks to the Q&A crew who previewed the website and provided suggestions and corrections.

Thanks to all who provided scans of an unpunched Demonlord counter sheet, as the only copy I could track down was punched. Thanks especially to Philip Wiles who provided a better quality scan after the Dwarfstar site was launched.

Thanks to all who have provided Dwarfstar variants and scenarios, both here and on other websites.

And special thanks to all of the designers, developers, graphic artists, playtesters, and others who were responsible for creating these games in the first place!

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since April 9, 2004
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