The Epic Game of Sorcery and Conquest
© 1981, © Reaper Miniatures

Design and Development: Arnold Hendrick.
Graphic Design: David Helber ( Box and Map), Cynthia Millan with David Helber (Counters), Arnold Hendrick with Cynthia Millan (Rules). Map Artwork: David Helber. Box Illustration: Charles Vess.

After centuries of sleep, the Demon Empire once more sends forth its hideous armies to conquer the lands of men. Desperate fighters stand with bow and shield against the goblin hordes which blacken the fertile valleys. The wizards and priests are called together in a desperate attempt to counter the Demonlord's dark magicks. But the balance of power lies with the neutral kingdoms. Will the Dwarven King, the Cloud Prince of Lyung, and the mysterious Ancients join with the forces of light, or will they cast their lots with the dark host commanded by the shadowy presence of the DEMONLORD. . .

DEMONLORD is a game of strategy for two players. It vividly recreates the grand sweep of empires in conflict in an age of sorcery and enchantment. Infantry and cavalry sweep across the land to meet in battle or besiege fortresses, as winged troops wheel overhead. Priests invoke friendly spirits, as magicians prepare potent battlefield magic, or summon great beasts to their aid. And controlling it all, the dread Demonlord, and the Captains of the Hosar alliance with their retinue of personalities and special powers.

DEMONLORD contains -- a full color card stock mapboard, 12"x14"; 154 full color counters; a die; instruction folder.

PLAY LEVEL - Intermediate/Advanced

"Overall, Demonlord is quite a buy. I recommend it." - Aaron Allston in The Space Gamer #46.

"Demonlord gives a true sword and sorcery feel." - John D. Burtt in Campaign #108.

"...well designed, physically attractive, and combines a broad scope with an intelligent and appropriate use of detail."
- Tony Watson in Dragon #59.

1 folding cardboard mapboard 154 die-cut counters
1 24 page rulebook 1 charts and order of battle sheet
2 six-sided dice

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Bio sheet for designer Arnold Hendrick

Magazine Issue Date Title (Subject) Author
The Space Gamer #46 Dec 1981 "Capsule Reviews" Aaron Allston
Ares #12 Jan 1982 "Games" (capsule review) Steve List
Dragon #59 Mar 1982 "Epic Game of Sorcery?" (review) Tony Watson
Campaign #108 Mar-Apr 1982 "Thumbnail Analysis" (review) John D. Burtt

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The Lovinski Files - Remastered and Revised Game Files
Item Type Date Size Comments
* Counters pdf file 12/14/04 1453k Remastered and errata corrected
One Piece Map jpeg image 08/13/04 1364k Remastered with graphics upgrades
* Map half 1 jpeg image 08/13/04 690k Remastered with graphics upgrades
* Map half 2 jpeg image 08/13/04 701k Remastered with graphics upgrades
* Charts pdf file 08/17/04 3582k Completely redone, printer friendly
One Piece Map jpeg image 08/10/04 2250k Remastered, crease lines removed
Map half 1 jpeg image 08/10/04 1128k Remastered, crease lines removed
Map half 2 jpeg image 08/11/04 1130k Remastered, crease lines removed

Rules Map
* Complete 630k pdf file Map half 1 1803k jpeg image
Complete 1581k Word doc Map half 2 1830k jpeg image
Page 1 280k jpeg image
Pages 2-3 505k jpeg image Counters
Pages 4-5 496k jpeg image Complete 1077k jpeg image
Pages 6-7 545k jpeg image Left half 947k jpeg image
Pages 8-9 555k jpeg image Right half 545k jpeg image
Pages 10-11 564k jpeg image
Pages 12-13 556k jpeg image Chart Sheet
Pages 14-15 540k jpeg image Part 1 356k jpeg image
Pages 16-17 559k jpeg image Part 2 356k jpeg image
Pages 18-19 582k jpeg image Part 3 205k jpeg image
Pages 20-21 565k jpeg image Part 4 127k jpeg image
Pages 22-23 575k jpeg image Part 5 309k jpeg image
Page 24 173k jpeg image Part 6 223k jpeg image

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