A Game of Man-to-Man Combat on a Colonial World of the Far Future
© 1981, © Reaper Miniatures

Game Design: Howard Barasch.
Graphic Design: David Helber (including map, counter, and rules artwork). Box illustration: Frank Cirocco. "Historical Information" written by Ed Andrews and David Helber.


On a colonial world of the far future, ten hard-pressed Imperial troopers in mobile battle armor desperately defend their base against mass assaults by hundreds of primitive alien natives, rushing to attack under the cover of violent energy storms. The imperial troopers have the latest in advanced weaponry, high-mobility pulsor units in their armor, and the support of two heavy-weapons specialists. But the native Irdans have sheer numbers, unwavering courage, and their greatest ally -- the hostile environment of their home planet . . .

Against odds of 50 to 1, will sophisticated technology be enough to save the beleaguered garrison at OUTPOST GAMMA?

OUTPOST GAMMA is a game of science fiction combat for two players. With its unpredictable storms and fast-playing combat system, OUTPOST GAMMA captures the tension and rapid-fire action of high versus low-technology combat in a hostile environment.

OUTPOST GAMMA contains -- a full-color 12"x 14" mapboard, 154 full-color counters, a die, and rules booklet.

GAME LEVEL - Introductory/Intermediate

"I recommend Outpost Gamma without reservations . . . you'll get far more than your money's worth."
- Bruce F. Webster in The Space Gamer #44.

"These first four releases from Dwarfstar Games are definitely above average. I think, however, that Outpost Gamma is the least interesting of the four." - Kevin Pollock in Campaign #106.

1 folding cardboard mapboard 154 die-cut counters
1 24 page rulebook 1 six-sided die

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Magazine Issue Date Title (Subject) Author
The Space Gamer #44 Oct 1981 "Capsule Reviews" Bruce F. Webster
Campaign #106 Nov-Dec 1981 "Thumbnail Analysis" (review) Kevin Pollock
Ares #12 Jan 1982 "Games" (capsule review) Steve List

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Rules Map
* Complete 1149k pdf file * Map half 1 1511k jpeg image
Complete 4291k Word doc * Map half 2 1506k jpeg image
Page 1 270k jpeg image
Pages 2-3 489k jpeg image Counters
Pages 4-5 466k jpeg image * Complete 1155k jpeg image
Pages 6-7 366k jpeg image
Pages 8-9 358k jpeg image
Pages 10-11 472k jpeg image
Pages 12-13 452k jpeg image
Pages 14-15 470k jpeg image
Pages 16-17 479k jpeg image
Pages 18-19 502k jpeg image
Pages 20-21 482k jpeg image
* Pages 22-23 370k jpeg image includes Terrain Effects Chart
* Page 24 187k jpeg image includes CRT and Storm tables

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